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Cream mask "Active silicium" for hands, nourishing

Cream mask "Active silicium" for hands, nourishing

Cream mask "Active silicium" for hands, nourishing
Cream mask can be used as a nourishing cream for skin care and nails, or as a mask for intensive nutrition, hydration and rejuvenation of the skin. It fully cares of the skin of hands and nails, softens, eliminates dryness, protects from external influences. The cream components are placed in lecithin biocapsules "VBC -17" for maximum effectiveness.
Cosmetic bio -complex
Natural intensive complex "Active Silicium 7" delivers components, that strengthen the base of the nails, to the cells: cosmomethicone, calcium, silicon, cystine, castor oil, red currant juice, pulp of dried apricots.
Hyaluronic water is a solution of hyaluronic acid in glucose. It normalizes the natural water balance of the skin and maintains a long-lasting moisturizing effect even with maximum dryness of the environment.
Cosmetic base
Cosmetic base "ERILEM DERMA 9" - active emulsion to improve skin tone and wrinkles: spring water, soy lecithin, lipids of sesame oil, emulsifier" Simulgel", gel of watercress.
Active ingredients
Sesame oil is used to relieve inflammation and irritation of the skin.
Lemon juice has tonic and antioxidant properties.
Comamerican softens all layers of the epidermis, castor oil has strengthening and antioxidant effects.
Red currant juice stimulates the breath of skin cells.
Jojoba oil and cocoa eliminate dry skin, aloe juice and D-panthenol prevents irritation.
Hyaluronic water protects the skin from moisture loss.
A small amount of cream-mask evenly spread on the surface of the hands and rub into the skin. It is recommended to use regularly, from one to three times a week. For using cream as a mask, apply on the skin with a thick layer for 20-30 minutes, remove the excess with a napkin.
  • Ingredients: Cosmetic base "ERILEM DERMA 9": hyaluronic water, intensive complex "Active Silicium 7", set of biocapsules "VBC -17", jojoba oil, lemon juice, amino acid complex (glycine, cysteine, methionine, L-arginine), cocoa butter, vitamin E, green tea extract, D-panthenol, aloe juice, rosemary extract, the composition of essential oils, the citrate of silver.
  • Weight: 120ml
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Cream mask "Active silicium"  for hands, nourishing