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Multi-vitamin cream - cocktail "Active silicium" for hands

Multi-vitamin cream - cocktail "Active silicium" for hands

Multi-vitamin cream - cocktail "Active silicium" for hands and nails

The cream- cocktail contains a rich set of components for the formation, strengthening, growth and nutrition of nail plates and for skin care: vegetable oils, juices, decoctions and plant extracts. It performs the functions of a cream for hands, nails and cuticles.
Cosmetic bio-complex
Natural intensive complex "Active Silicium 7" delivers components, that strengthen the base of nails, to the cells, : cosmomethicone, calcium, silicon, cystine, castor oil, red currant juice, pulp of dried apricots.
Hyaluronic water is a solution of hyaluronic acid in glucose. It normalizes the natural water balance of the skin and maintains a long-lasting moisturizing effect even with maximum dryness of the environment.
Cosmetic base
Cosmetic basis "ERILEM ACTIVE CONTROL ", due to the similarity with intercellular fluid, delivers nutrients to the deep layers of the skin: Hanks saline, peanut phospholipids, gel of watercress, oat germ oil, emulsifier "Cremophor".
Active ingredients
There is a succinic acid in the juice of red currant, which accelerates the delivery of oxygen to the cells.
Dried apricots contain vitamins and salts of potassium, magnesium, iron, silver, phosphorus and sulfur, necessary for dividing skin cells.
Forest berry juice and green tea actively nourish the skin of hands.
Minerals and cystine eliminate the brittle nail plate.
Castor oil due to ricinoleic acid provides strengthening and antioxidant effect.
Jojoba and burdock oils comfortably soften the epidermis.
D-panthenol and bean extract eliminate skin irritation.
A small amount of cream spread over the surface of the hands and nails and rub into the skin until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use daily, or two - three times a day in case of dry skin
  • Ingredients: Cosmetic base "ERILEM ACTIVE CONTROL", hyaluronic water, natural intensive complex "Active Silicium 7", jojoba oil, lemon juice, vitamin complex of berries, green tea extract, D-panthenol, burdock oil, allantoin, decoction of oak bark, bean extract, the composition of essential oils, the citrate of silver.
  • Weight: 120ml
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Multi-vitamin cream - cocktail "Active silicium" for hands