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Oil-cream "Active silicium" for hands

Oil-cream "Active silicium" for hands

Oil-cream "Active silicium" for hands and nails

The latest exclusive cosmetics. It combines the properties of a protective oil and nourishing cream. It is used for daily care of dry skin of hands, as well as to protect hands from UV radiation, frost, wind, detergents and other external factors. It effectively softens, moisturizes, restores, cares of weakened skin of hands.

Cosmetic bio - complex
A special set of "Active Silicium 1" accelerates the metabolic processes in tissues, increases local immunity: siloxane, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, silicon, manganese, vitamin Alliance (Biotin (H), A, b, C, E), D-panthenol.
Oil Alliance consists of seven types of oils, which, due to the different density and composition, complement each other and fully restore the hydro-lipid mantle on the surface of the skin.
Cosmetic base
Cosmetic base "ERILEM DERMA OIL" creates a soft velvety protective mantle on the surface of the skin: peach oil, almond lecithin, peanut oil lipids, cetiol emollient, emulsifier "Cremophor".
Active ingredients
Potato juice restores the changed or damaged structure of the body tissues, including nail plates.
Rosehip strengthens capillaries due to the maximum content of ascorbic acid and routine.
Amino acid complex and red currant juice nourish the skin of hands.
Jojoba oil contains a protein similar in composition to natural collagen, which is involved in the formation of new cells.
Vegetable wax in combination with aloe and barberry juice reduces the fragility of the nails,
Apply a small amount of cream-oil to clean skin of hands, including the nails, and massage lightly until completely absorbed. Apply daily.
  • Ingredients: Cosmetic base "ERILEM DERMA OIL" juice of red currant, Oil alliance: oils of hazelnut, almond, jojoba, rosehip, beans, sea buckthorn, peanuts, vegetable wax, aloe Vera juice, a special set of "Active Silicium 1", potato juice, amino acid complex (glycine, cysteine, methionine, L-arginine), juice of barberries, dihydroquercetin, the composition of essential oils, the citrate of silver.
  • Weight: 120ml
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Oil-cream "Active silicium" for hands