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Toothpaste "Cosmic health", gentle

Toothpaste "Cosmic health", gentle

The toothpaste:
-reduces tooth sensitivity, strengthens gums, eliminates irritation in the mouth and odor.
-normalizes the enzymatic activity of saliva.
-prevents the formation of plaque.
-has a general calming effect.

Cosmetic biocomplex
Phyto-alliance  "Shoothing" soothes the gums, reduces bleeding, protects the capillaries: extracts of Himalayan snowdrop (Galánthus) stone Valeriána, motherwort (Leonúrus), hops cones.

Denta-vitamin complex " Alba Aethra" ("White Star"),  created specifically for the pastes of the series "Cosmodent", contains essential vitamins (A, b, C, E,PP) and active enzymes (lysozyme and peroxidase), which break down the pathogen and prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

Cosmetic base
 Basic complex "Cedardent 9" (spring water, cedar oil, cocamidopropylbetaine, fir cellulose, cedar glycerin ) effectively dissolves and removes plaque, softens the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

Active components
Calcium glycerophosphate and microparticles of silica, titanium and magnesium dioxide protect the tooth enamel from damage, are involved in the process of remineralization.

Whitening set (potassium hydroxide, strawberry juice, St. John's wort extract) is a folk remedy for cleaning teeth from the "white" plaque.

Natural essential oils of clary sage and acacia permanently eliminate the symptoms of halitosis (unpleasant breath).

Brush your teeth daily using a brush with the minimum rigidity of a bristle, not less than 2 minutes. Attention! With hypersensitivity of the teeth, you can mix the paste in half with water and rinse the mouth without using brush. (It is necessary to hold the toothpaste in the mouth for at least two minutes to obtain the effect!)

  • Ingredients: Basic complex "Cedardent 9", calcium glycerophosphate, microparticles of silicon, titanium, magnesium dioxide, Denta-vitamin complex "Aethra Alba" ("White Star"), a bleaching set, acacia oil, essential oils of clary sage, phyto-alliance "Soothing", an aromatic composition.
  • Date of expiry: 18 months
  • Weight: 60 ml
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Toothpaste "Cosmic health",  gentle