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Toothpaste "Cosmic health", preventive

Toothpaste "Cosmic health", preventive

The toothpaste:
-protects gums from damage, provides prevention of periodontal disease and prevents caries.
-quickly corrects problems with your teeth and gums.
-restores the respiratory function of the tissue.
-increases local immunity of the oral cavity.

Cosmetic biocomplex
Phyto-alliance "Preventive" eliminates the irritation to the gums and tongue, bleeding, prevents the appearance of gingivitis: extracts of bear root (Hedȳsarum neglēctum), yellow lilies (Lílium), rosemary (Lédum), thýmus dahurica.

Dent-oxidant complex "Cosmodent 17" contains vitamin E and dihydroquercetin, as well as enzymes (lysozyme, peroxidase), that break down pathogenic microorganisms and prevent the emergence of caries.

Cosmetic base
Basic complex "Cedardent 9" (spring water, cedar oil, cocamidopropylbetaine, fir cellulose, cedar glycerin ) effectively dissolves and removes plaque, softens the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

Active components
Calcium glycerophosphate and microparticles of silicon, titanium and magnesium dioxide  protect tooth enamel from damage.

Antihypoxant oliphen strengthens the gums, reduces bleeding, has a bactericidal and regenerating effect.

Citronella essential oil and green coffee extract create the effect of freshly brewed coffee, have an invigorating effect.

Brush your teeth and gums at least twice a day for a month to achieve a visible effect. Use a toothbrush of low rigidity. The recommended duration of the procedure is at least 2 minutes. (It is necessary to hold the toothpaste in the mouth for at least two minutes to obtain the effect !)

  • Ingredients: Basic complex "Cedardent 9", calcium glycerophosphate, microparticles of silicon dioxide, Denta-oxidant complex "Cosmodent 17", rosemary, passiflora, water pepper, essential oils of citronella, green coffee extract, phyto-alliance "Preventive", antihypoxant olifen, an aromatic composition.
  • Date of expiry: 18 months
  • Weight: 60 ml
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Toothpaste "Cosmic health", preventive