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Toothpaste "Cosmic health", regenerating

Toothpaste "Cosmic health", regenerating

The toothpaste:
-restores biological, bacterial and acid-alkaline balance of the oral cavity.
-contains a complex of natural ingredients.
-prevents the formation of a" white " plaque.
-nourishes gums with vitamins and trace elements.

Cosmetic biocomplex
Phyto-alliance "Restoring" strengthens gums, reduces bleeding, creates a feeling of comfort and pleasant flavor (extract of Lárix sibírica, Tibetan aralia , chicory (Cichórium) and oak bark).

Denta-oxidant complex "Сosmodent 15" contains herbal antioxidants of Rosmarinus and Passíflōra, as well as enzymes (lysozyme, peroxidase) that break down pathogens and prevent the occurrence of dental caries

Cosmetic base
Active complex "Cedardent 11" (spring water, cedar oil, cocamidopropylbetaine, fir cellulose, cedar  cake,  cedar glycerin,  ground shell of pine nuts  "ISH 3") dissolves and removes plaque and protects the mouth from irritation.

Active components
Calcium glycerophosphate and microparticles of silica, titanium and magnesium dioxide protect the tooth enamel from damage and  are involved in the process of remineralization.

Vitamin complex of forest berries contains vitamins (a, B, C, E,PP) and amino acids necessary for the regeneration of the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Natural essential oils of fir and cedar eliminate the halitosis (bad breath), give freshness to breath.

Brush your teeth, gums and tongue root once or twice a day. Use a toothbrush of suitable rigidity. The recommended duration of the procedure is at least 2 minutes. ( It is necessary to hold the toothpaste in the mouth for at least two minutes to obtain the effect !)

  • Ingredients: Active complex "Cedardent 11", calcium glycerophosphate, microparticles of silicon, titanium and magnesium dioxide, vitamin complex of forest berries (cranberry, cowberry, stone berry ), dent-oxidant complex "Cosmodent 15", essential oils of fir and cedar, phyto-aliance "Restoring", an aromatic composition.
  • Date of expiry: 18 months
  • Weight: 60 ml.
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Toothpaste "Cosmic health",  regenerating