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Toothpaste "Cosmic health", universal

Toothpaste "Cosmic health", universal

The toothpaste:
-effectively whitens teeth, cleans the root of the tongue and creates a lasting feeling of freshness. Daily care of teeth and oral cavity.
-has a firming and protective effect, eliminates inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

Cosmetic biocomplex
Phyto - alliance "Universal" soothes oral mucosa, strengthens gums, eliminates bleeding (extracts of Marin root, edelweiss, nettle and oak bark).

Denta-vitamin complex " Alba Aethra" ("White Star"),  created specifically for the pastes of the series "Cosmodent", contains essential vitamins (A, b, C, E,PP) and active enzymes (lysozyme and peroxidase), which break down the pathogen and prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

Cosmetic base
Intensive complex "Cedardent 7" mechanically removes all kinds of plaque from the teeth, gums and tongue: spring water, ground  shell of pine nuts SKM 1, lauramidopropylbetaine, fir cellulose, cedar glycerin.

Active components
Micro and macroparticles of dioxide of: silicon, titanium, magnesium, manganese and calcium protect tooth enamel from chemical irritants.

Double-acting whitening set cleans teeth in hard-to-reach places: lemon and strawberry juices, St. John's wort, potassium hydroxide.

Natural essential oils of mint and Siberian barberry give freshness to breath and eliminate unpleasant odors from the mouth.

Brush your teeth, gums and tongue root once or twice a day. Use a toothbrush suitable for rigidity. The recommended duration of the procedure is  at least 2 minutes. ( It is necessary to hold the toothpaste in the mouth for at least two minutes to obtain the effect!) ATTENTION! Instructions for the use of toothpaste in space flight prescribe mandatory cleaning the root of the tongue to remove bacterial plaque!

  • Ingredients: Intensive complex "Cedardent 7", micro and macroparticles of dioxide of: silicon, titanium, magnesium, manganese and potassium, Denta-vitamin complex "Alba Aethra" ("White Star"), a bleaching set of dual action, peppermint and Siberian barberry essential oils, phyto-alliance "Universal", aromatic composition.
  • Date of expiry: 18 months
  • Weight: 60 ml
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Toothpaste "Cosmic health", universal