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Balm - conditioner "Mushroom harmony", malvaceae

Balm - conditioner "Mushroom harmony", malvaceae

Balm - conditioner "Mushroom harmony", malvaceae for all types of hair
The balm protects hair from moisture loss and hot air dryer, prevents delamination of the hair tips, restores damaged areas.
Cosmetic bio - complex
Tonic cocktail creates a sense of cheerfulness, freshness and comfort: spring water, birch juice, extract of fruits of mountain ash, Spiraea extract, decoction of taiga thyme.
Cosmetic base
Cosmetic base "ERILEM NORD 5" forms an emulsion of high quality, which nourishes scalp and strengthens hair: ice water, germ oil, rice, emulsifier "Simulgel", lipids, sesame oil, emollient cetiol.
Active ingredients
Juice of cowberries, cranberries, blackberries nourishes scalp and hair roots.
Glycoside Malvin has a calming effect.
The champignon contains amino acids that strengthen hair.
Hazelnut and flax seed oils make hair soft and silky.
Silk and white mushroom proteins stimulate the growth of healthy hair.
Lipids of sesame oil and flax seeds protect hair from external factors.
Apply a small amount of balm to clean hair and spread evenly over the entire length. Then rinse with water. Apply once or twice a week.
  • Ingredients: Tonic cocktail, mallow flower extract, cosmetic base "ERILEM NORD 5", proteins, white fungus extract, champignon extract, lemon juice, flax seed oil, green tea, hazelnut oil, sage leaf extract, decoction of leaves of burdock, vitamin complex of wild berries, vitamin E, preservative complex (an extract of birch buds, silver citrate).
  • Weight: 250ml
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Balm - conditioner "Mushroom harmony", malvaceae