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Tonic-moisturizer "Mushroom harmony" for hair, sea buckthorn

Tonic-moisturizer "Mushroom harmony" for hair, sea buckthorn

Sea-buckthorn tonic-moisturizer "Mushroom harmony" for hair and scalp
Tonic protects hair from drying and other external factors, gives hair softness and smoothness, beautiful Shine, restores the structure. Tussilago farfara leaves contain tannins that protect hair from external factors. A rich list of active components of aloe juice protects hair from sunlight and hair dryer.
Cosmetic bio-complexes
Soothing cocktail relieves fatigue, irritation and stress: spring water, dandelion juice, plantain extract, decoction of nettle leaves, medicinal melon.
Active ingredients
Sea buckthorn contains useful acids; linoleic, oleic and many others.
Allantoin and hyaluronic water restore optimal water balance.
The juices of wild berries fully nourish the scalp and hair roots.
Silk proteins and white fungus protect hair from dryness, improve elasticity, easy installation.
Psyllium juice, aloe and amanita extract stimulate the growth of healthy hair.
A small amount of tonic spray on hair and scalp before going outside and leave until completely absorbed. Apply as needed. DO NOT RINSE !
  • Ingredients: Ice water; juice of dandelion; tussilago farfara leaves; plantain extract; sea buckthorn; decoction of leaves of nettle; Melilotus officinalis; extract of Chelidonium; vitamin complex of forest berries (bilberry, cranberry, bramble); aloe Vera juice; amanita extract; white fungus proteins; allantoin; silk proteins; hyaluronic water; extract of birch buds; the citrate of silver.
  • Weight: 125ml
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Tonic-moisturizer "Mushroom harmony" for hair, sea buckthorn