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"Amanita vs" warming cream against joint pain

"Amanita vs" warming cream against joint pain

This cream, in combination with massage, is used for joint and muscle pain as an aid.  Mushroom burning mlecnic (Lactarius pyrogalus) contains an active anti-rheumatic substance Cortisone.
The dragonhead (Dracocephalum) improves immunity, has a strengthening effect.
The formulation of the cream is used in folk, and in sports medicine.
The cream creates a local anesthetic and warming effect.
It helps to restore tissue after injuries, bruises, sprains and dislocations.
It eases pain in joints, increases their mobility.
It reduces the response of joints to fluctuations in the weather.
It reduces inflammation and swelling, relieves stress after exercise.

Phyto-mushroom complex "Amanita 7 + 7" – water and oil extracts of  red amanita (Amanita muscaria), chaga, mushroom Golovach, champignon extract, burning mlecnic, peppery mushroom + siberian lofant , dragonhead, cowberry leaves, alchemilla vulgaris, сynoglóssum officinále, edelweiss, dandelion.

Cosmetic base "Cosmoderm" is as close as possible to the content of skin cells, it is effectively absorbed and deeply penetrates into the skin: physiological solution, lipid Alliance, cultural nutrient medium, a set of trace elements.

Apply the cream to the problem area and rub it until completely absorbed. Re-apply the cream and massage until heat appears. Apply 1-2 times a day.

For this series of creams we use the extract of the most common form of amanita — red amanita (Amanita muscaria).  It is the least poisonous of all it`s relatives. Dry amanita and it`s extracts do not contain toxic substances. At the same time, they hold a huge amount of antioxidants and enzymes with high biological activity. They increase the elasticity of the skin, flatten its surface, and stimulate the natural process of cell renewal.
  • Ingredients: Cosmetic base "Cosmoderm" (physiological solution, lipidic alliance, culture medium, the set of trace minerals), phyto-mushroom complex "Amanita 7+7", turps, mushroom extract, vitamin alliance, cayenne pepper extract, tea tree oil, burdock extract, juice of stems of mustard, pepper mushroom, elder flowers, extract of burning mlecnik, wild rosemary juice, camphor, citrate of silver.
  • Date of expiry: 18 months
  • Weight: 75 ml
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"Amanita vs" warming cream against joint pain