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"Amanita vs" anti-cellulite cream

"Amanita vs" anti-cellulite cream

The cream affects all sources of cellulite, releasing the skin from the "orange peel". Accelerating the metabolism and  breakdown of fats is achieved with natural extracts of mushrooms and plants. The lipolytic effect of the juice of stems of mustard and potato has been used for more than 5 centuries. Extracts of pepper mushroom and burning mlecnik amplify the warming effect of  pepper.

Phyto-mushroom complex "Amanita 6 + 6" - water extract of amanita (Amanita muscaria), pepper mushroom, champignon extract, mushroom of Ramaria, chestnut mushroom (Gyroporus castaneus) , mlecnik burning (Lactárius pyrógalus) + horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), angelica (Archangélica officínalis), celandine (Chelidonium), echinacea, wintergreen (Pýrola), inula.

Cosmetic base "ERILEM ACTIVE CONTROL" - delivers nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin due to the similarity with the intercellular fluid : Hank`s salt solution, peanut phospholipids, watercress (Nasturtium) gel, oat germ oil, emulsifier"Cremophor".

Active components
Decoctions of burdock, parsley and juice of green apples prevent the accumulation of lipids in fat cells.

Essential oils of cinnamon, geranium, bergamot, combined with extract of amanita and caffeine, accelerate metabolism in tissues.

Extracts of seaweed, peppermint and horsetail contribute to the elimination of toxins, increase energy production and fat splitting.

Apply the cream to the problem areas (preferably after water procedures) and rub until completely absorbed. Then apply the cream again.

For this series of creams we use the extract of the most common form of amanita — red amanita (Amanita muscaria).  It is the least poisonous of all it`s relatives. Dry amanita and it`s extracts do not contain toxic substances. At the same time, they hold a huge amount of antioxidants and enzymes with high biological activity. They increase the elasticity of the skin, flatten its surface, and stimulate the natural process of cell renewal.

  • Ingredients: Cosmetic base "ERILEM ACTIVE CONTROL", phyto-mushroom complex "Amanita 6 + 6" cocktail "Taiga Water", seaweed extract, decoction of burdock, potato juice, parsley, green apples juice, pepper tincture, horsetail extract, essential oils of cinnamon, geranium, bergamot, caffeine, juice of stems of mustard, fragrance, silver citrate.
  • Date of expiry: 18 months
  • Weight: 75 ml
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"Amanita vs"  anti-cellulite cream