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"Amanita vs" feet cream against varicose veins, swelling and fatigue

"Amanita vs" feet cream against varicose veins, swelling and fatigue

The cream takes care of the legs after exercise, relieves fatigue, provides prevention of varicose veins. Сhaga provides phytoncides, resins, melanin and flavonoids. Horse chestnut glycosides, like  esculin and escin  help to remove swelling.
Herbs-venotonics relieve fatigue and swelling of the legs, strengthen the walls of the capillaries, make them elastic, remove stagnation in the vessels.

Phyto-mushroom complex "Amanita 5 + 5" - water extract of amanita, oil extract of amanita, veselka ordinary (Phallus impudicus), Altay chaga , chestnut mushroom (Gyroporus castaneus)+ anise lofant (Lophantus anisatus), honey grass, oregano (Oríganum vulgáre), decoction of cowberry leaves, horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum).

Cosmetic base "ERILEM DERMA CONTROL" softens the epidermis and nourishes the cells of the germ layers: Hanks salt solution, watercress gel (Nastúrtium officinále), lanol emollient, Cosmometicon, wheat germ oil.

Active components
Extracts of amanita and thoroughwax have a local toning effect.

Alginates of Laminaria increases immunity.

Menthol and oregano essential oil cool and soothe your feet.

Veselka extract and decoction of oak bark protect the skin from external factors.

Apply the cream to the clean, dry skin of the feet and massage until completely absorbed. Apply regularly, at least twice a day.

For this series of creams we use the extract of the most common form of amanita — red amanita (Amanita muscaria).  It is the least poisonous of all it`s relatives. Dry amanita and it`s extracts do not contain toxic substances. At the same time, they hold a huge amount of antioxidants and enzymes with high biological activity. They increase the elasticity of the skin, flatten its surface, and stimulate the natural process of cell renewal.
  • Ingredients: Cosmetic base "ERILEM ACTIVE CONTROL", phyto-mushroom complex" Amanita 5 + 5", yarrow, alder oil, thoroughwax extract, cowberry and cranberry juice, chaga extract, decoction of oak bark, veselka extract, horse chestnut extract, brown seaweed Laminaria extract, ascorbic acid, rutin, menthol, oregano oil, silver citrate.
  • Date of expiry: 18 months
  • Weight: 75 ml
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"Amanita vs"  feet cream against varicose veins, swelling and fatigue