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Sea- buckthorn tea

Sea- buckthorn tea

The natural concentrated syrup for cooking tea! Add one stick to a cup of hot water or tea!
There are types of buckthorn tea:
- For men
- Energy
- Immunity
- For women
- Original
  • Ingredients: Sea- buckthorn berries, sea buckthorn concentrated juice, herbal complex “Liveliness”on the basis of sea buckthorn shoots, siberian herbal extracts (red brush, star anise, cloves, stevia, ginger, red pepper, red root, etc...)
  • Date of expiry: 12 months
  • Weight: 378 g.
  • Nutrients: Energy 207kcal/867KJ,Total Fat: 3g., Carbohydrates: 45g.
Number: -+
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Sea- buckthorn tea