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Milk composite product “Granulated hot chocolate” “NEVELVEND"

Milk composite product “Granulated hot chocolate” “NEVELVEND"

With fat 11-15%
100% granulated dry chocolate milk composite product with sugar, soluble, for use in coffee machines.

Application: 250g of the product per 1000ml of hot (but not boiling), or cold water for getting 1L of reconstituted milk.
The dosage for drink preparation is 20-25 g per 100ml of water. You can add more product for richer taste.
Not for children under 12 months old.
  • Ingredients: Dry whole milk, sugar, cocoa, maltodextrin, salt. Does not contain components, obtained with application of GMO.
  • Date of expiry: 18 months
  • Weight: 1000 g.
  • Nutrients: Energy 430kcal/1810KJ, Milk Protein 15g, Milk sugar 61g, Milk Total Fat - not more than 14g, Mineral substances 6g, Moisture -not more than 4g.
Number: -+
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Milk composite product “Granulated hot chocolate” “NEVELVEND"